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iPLATE’s Devandran Naicker on digital solutions to fighting financial crime.

R100 billion, that’s how much money the PWC estimates has been lost to fraud in South Africa. iPLATE Technology has come up with the digital tools to fight corporate crime in a practical way. Could this be the way forward for regulation?

Our Solution

What is asset management? Asset management (AM) is a set of business practices that join financial, contractual, and inventory functions to support the life cycle management and strategic decision making involving movable assets. Managing assets effectively allows the business manager to get maximum value from the use of the assets, right-size inventory, and optimise inventory purchase decisions and strategies.

iPlate Podcast

Listen here to our latest podcast:  Scott Cundil iPLATE is a professional service provider of revolutionary anti-fraud technology that protects high-value documents and information — ensuring criminals are unable to alter or forge any information for criminal gain. Founded in 2016, in partnership with global giant Toennjes International Group AG (TI), our aim is to provide world-class technology solutions in the fight against economic fraud.